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Shipping Medical Cannabis to Germany

Farmer 2 Pharma secures long term supply agreements between a licensed German importer and two licensed South African cultivators

As the cannabis industry rollercoaster continues to persevere through painfully slow climbs and rapid dips there is good news to share.

Farmer 2 Pharma is seeing an increase in interest from European licensed purchasers.

So much so that we have added a third African Medical Cannabis Roadshow to 2022, squeezing it in before the year ends and the German adult-use/ recreational first draft is released.

Shipping medical cannabis to Germany (The Holy Grail) is not easy. What is easy in the cannabis industry anyway?

Germany will only accept the importation of medical cannabis that meets the defined EU-GMP standards, following the German monograph.

At the time of writing this article, no licensed cultivators in South Africa are EU-GMP certified meaning that their produce is not acceptable for importing into the German market.

Farmer 2 Pharma is a solutions-driven business that takes challenging situations like this and finds the solution.

Partnering with a CMO (contract manufacturer) in Malta and a CMO in Portugal we are able to guide our clients (the cultivator) to be able to send their GACP (Good Agriculture and Collection Practise) certified products to the CMO who will process their GACP product into EU-GMP products and then the EU-GMP products can be shipped happily into the German market.

We have secured two long term supply contracts that follow this route, both supply chains running from South Africa, via Portugal, to Germany. The first two 100kg+ shipments have successfully been shipped and the first batch of EU-GMP medical cannabis products are expected on German pharmacy shelves before the end of this month.

Should you have an interest in better understanding this process, please reach out to us and we can assist you with more information.

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