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How do you define success in the medical cannabis industry?

Updated: May 20, 2023

Is success offering more medical patients easier access to medical cannabis?

Is success purchasing or selling the largest amount of medical cannabis in a territory?

Is success based on how much revenue you generate as a medical cannabis cultivator/ manufacturer?

We may not be able to answer the holistic question but we base our success on the satisfaction of our clients, the cultivators as well as our key partners, the purchasers.

We may have generated over two million USD for our cultivators over the past 12 months and shipped over a ton of medical cannabis flower and oil products but we aren’t satisfied yet.

Our business is a fully-focused service business and we ha

ve a long way to go to ensure we remain the best, most successful sales agency for medical cannabis globally.

Having visited Australia a few weeks ago we have a much better understanding of the scope of this fast-growing marketplace. Off the back of our productive, successful trip we have two of Australia’s largest importers and distributors joining us in the next few weeks for a curated roadshow of licensed cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities across Southern Africa. This key step in the contractual journey certainly expedites the process in putting pen to paper securing long term contracts/ off-take agreements benefiting both parties.

It takes a two-minute scroll through your LinkedIn feed to become aware that the German market is experiencing a lot of attention while the government lays out their plan advancing their considerations of making cannabis less regulated.

We believe that the medical cannabis market will continue to grow over the next year or two and have seen an increase in momentum of product shipping from our cultivation clients to our key purchasers in Germany.

The United Kingdom market along with Switzerland is growing slowly but surely as we explore shipping more product to both these markets.

In summary we are succeeding whilst still learning on a daily basis from the best partners possible.

Thank you for your contribution to our success and here’s to us contributing more to your success tomorrow!

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