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We are continually expanding our existing network of premium, licensed cultivators. Our aim is to bring the selected cultivators and licensed pharmaceutical houses together. We specialize in shipping large volumes and our team handles the entire supply chain process.


Our Services


Off takes for Farmers

We secure off-take agreements with global pharmaceutical buyers including the structuring of international trade legal agreements.  

Pharma Supervision

Our ‘boots on the ground’ supervisory team ensures all standard operating procedures and protocols meet our client's compliance requirements.

Fair Pricing

We manage all negotiations to ensure fair market pricing for long term contracts including payment terms favourable to all parties.

Consistent Supply

We secure constant supply of quality, certified products, including cultivated medical cannabis inflorescense and medical products derived from extracts.

Door to Door Service

Our team overseas all logistics along the supply chain via a curated group of validated professional door-to-door carriers.

Quality Controls

Each and every batch of product is inspected by our team and video documentation shared with our pharma clients for approval before final payments and/or shipping.

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