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Africa's largest exporter of medical cannabis?

The first few months of 2024 have started well for our cultivator clients as we packed more than 60,000 jars of GMP medical cannabis in the last three months.

600,000 grams (200,000 g per month) of premium medical cannabis sourced, graded, GMP-packed into patient-ready packs and exported, all of these compliant processes completed under the supervision of our Farmer 2 Pharma team.

Starting this week we commence with packing 300,000 grams per month into patient-ready packs and continue to export an average of 100kg bulk flower monthly.

Our major markets are still Australia and Germany with the UK and Switzerland growing in demand.

We would love to assist you as your experienced, qualified, compliant 'boots on the ground' in Africa.

We remain at your service


Greg Beadle and the A team



Hi, I'm Greg

If you are looking for a professional partner to provide you with a procurement, due diligence or compliance service for medical cannabis products, please share your details below or email me at Our qualified team is prepared and ready to be of service to you.

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