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Re-joining the Cannabis Trade Association of Africa

'Our vision is to support, represent and advance the causes and interests of members of the cannabis industry CTAA promotes the facilitation of trade for

cannabis businesses from Africa, both locally and internationally, to benefit members and their clients. We have significantly invested in legal action that will help make our vision a reality.'

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Our CEO Greg Beadle was a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association of Africa (CTAA) during his time at Canopy Growth Africa circa 2019.

Farmer 2 Pharma has chosen to join the CTAA as a full member.

We fully support the CTAA as they continue to pioneer the way for the the industry players, lobbying regulators and garnering support for the development of the cannabis landscape.

We encourage all cultivators, manufacturers and retailers to join the CTAA.

Through our collective support the CTAA can greater influence the ability for us to do great business, in the interest of all stakeholders.

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